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Fi-Shock SS-725CS Fence Energizer

Fi-Shock SS-725CS Fence Energizer

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Amps Watts Joules Voltage
3 miles .027 10 2.2 800 +/- 200

The Fido Shock Fence Controller is ideal for keeping your pets, the neighbor's pets and small wild animals out of your flower gardens, vegetable gardens, shrubs, garbage cans, walkways and porches. The Fido Shock fence system installs easily by enclosing the area you wish to protect with a single strand of non-insulated wire which is affixed to but insulated from short posts around the area. Drive a grounding rod into the ground, connect the fence wire and grounding rod to the fence charger, plug it in, and your area is protected from pets and other animals. The Fido Shock system works by administering a memorable, but safe electric shock to any animal touching the boundary wire. The Fido Shock charger comes with the charger unit and instruction manual. Wire, posts and grounding rod are required to complete the installation.

The Fido Shock charger is covered by a one-year limited manufacturer's warranty which covers defects in materials and workmanship (does not cover damage caused by storms, floods or misuse).

Accessory KitAccessory Kit for Pets and Small Animals

Contains everything needed to assemble an electric fence system (excluding controller): 18 23" PVC poles, 1 two-foot copper-coated ground rod, 50 cotter pins, 1 heavy duty ground clamp, 1 fence tester, 250-ft. spool 17 gauge aluminum wire, and 1 electric fence warning sign.


120v. Electric Fence Energizer



 A-20K Fence Accessory Kit


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