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Tracker Maxima System


Tracker Maxima Receiver

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Radio Tracking systems operate on 5 frequency bands (216 - 220), with each band having 1000 frequencies. Maxima systems have two numbers that specify the capabilities of the receiver. The first number specifies how many frequencies it can monitor, the second number specifies how many collars it can track. For example, a Maxima 1000/5 can monitor 1000 frequencies (one frequency band) and track up to 5 dogs. Maxima systems can be returned to the manufacturer at a later date and upgraded to monitor more frequencies.

Tracker Maxima Systems (click for more info or to purchase)
Maxima Duo 1000/2
Monitors 1 Frequency Band and tracks up to 2 dogs
from $799
Maxima 1000/5
Monitors 1 Frequency Band and tracks up to 5 dogs
from $899
Maxima 2000/15
Monitors 2 Frequency Bands and tracks up to 15 dogs
from $999
Maxima 5000/25
Monitors all 5 Frequency Bands and tracks up to 25 dogs
from $1,099
Additional Transmitter Collars
Extra or replacement collars for your Maxima or Classic system
from $135

Available Transmitter Collars
tracker_strike Strike: Multipurpose collar for both hounds and pointing dogs. Remove magnet to activate. Comes standard with Tree Switch. The Motion Sensor (point mode) option is available instead of the Tree Switch on a special-order basis (no charge for this feature). This lightweight, sleek, single antenna collar turns on/off with a magnet key and a flashing LED indicates collar is on. AFTCA approved for field trials.
tracker_Supralite Supra Lite: Used primarily for pointing dogs, beagles and other smaller breeds. All collars include a motion sensor (point mode). The battery-warning signal sends a special signal to the receiver, allowing the hunter to change batteries before the next use. Primary collar for field trials (AKC and AFTCA approved).
tracker_Intelo Intelo: Powerful transmitter primarily used for long range tracking of hounds. Comes standard with Tree Switch option. It is also available by special-order with a Bark Indicator feature ($20 upgrade). The 6.5 ounce transmitter is encased in an aluminum shell, and turns on/off with a magnet (included). The battery-warning signal sends a special signal to the receiver, allowing the hunter to change batteries before the next use.

Which system do I need?
If you need to track one or two dogs, the Classic system might be the best option. The Maxima is the best choice if you need to track 3 or more dogs, or if you have older collars you wish to use, or if you want to program your buddies' collars into your receiver. Remember, if you often hunt in unfamiliar territory, or in poor weather conditions, a spare collar left at your vehicle can help you find your way back. 

Need more Information?
The Tracker website offers many articles and documents.
Click here to visit the Tracker Support Website.

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